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        Elecife Powerful HDD Hub - Ultimate M1 Mac Mini Accessory

        Elecife Powerful HDD Hub - Ultimate M1 Mac Mini Accessory

        At this stage, our life has been filled with a wide range of electronic products. In particular, it seems that we cannot live without smartphones and computers. And they gradually become our essential parts of our daily life. It is believed that Apple’s Mac has come to the fore again and again up to now. As the proverb runs, a tossed stone raises a thousand ripples. The Mac Mini released late last year caught the attention of the public because Apple's own M1 chip developed to insert amazing processing speed and power into this tiny host. There is no doubt that most of you may probably already have the new Mac ecology. But the single host machine is probably not enough to exert its whole charm in our life. You need to add some powerful accessories to enhance your level up your Mac life. Here's the Elecife 7-in-1 USB C stand & hub with HDD enclosure for Mac Mini is ready for you.


        Powerful auxiliary tool

        We can easily notice that there are still insufficient ports on the Mac mini. In order to exude its real potential, using Elecife Mac Mini hub can be said an available solution. It provides extra 6 ports for you, which helps you deal with a variety of tasks conveniently when paired with the mini host. Dual USB 3.0, dual USB 2.0 and SD/TF card slots greatly assist in connecting different peripherals you need, and they are all capable to carry enough fast speed to transfer data. Moreover, all the ports are allowed to work simultaneously and support plug and play functionality. Isn’t it a powerful auxiliary tool for those who bury themselves in busy work?

        Useful extended space

        Another weakness of Mac mini is nothing but the internal memory. Due to the fixed unified memory, it’s no-brainer to pick our docking station with built-in hard drive. For the sake of a larger memory, the dock is equipped with a SATA port. You can freely put 2.5 inch external SSD or HDD into the bottom groove so as to get a hidden extended space(the MAX of 5TB) for mini machine. Worth noting that we also set two LED pilot lamps in the front to indicate its formal operation when connecting to the devices and hard disk.

        Practical stand

        Let us cast aside the former two usages temporarily. In essence, the Hard Disk Drive docking can be considered as a solid stand for Mac mini as well, reflecting the unique desktop setup. Its size and color look like one of the parts of the host, which almost blend with Apple Mac mini. What’s more, designed with aluminum alloy shell, the entire sleek body increases a layer of barrier to dissipate the heat efficiently, thereby keeping your Mac mini in a safe state. Besides, four anti-skid pads are provided to protect the machine from being moved at random and even accidentally dropped. What a practical stand, isn’t it?

        Final Thoughts

        In general, if you are the one who enjoys your life with Mac Mini, Elecife Type-C Aluminum Stand & Hub is the ultimate gadget, not to be missed. More ports, more storage, more creativity. Grasp one to enlarge the capability of your Mac mini. What do you think of this device? Leave your precious ideas below.

        Elecife USB C Portable Monitor Productivity Anywhere Anytime

        Elecife USB C Portable Monitor Productivity Anywhere Anytime

        With the rise of home office and mobile working, we are always looking for ways to better increase productivity. For desktop users who are accustomed to using dual monitors, it is a real challenge to stay productive while working with a single small laptop screen. There is a great way to speed up your work by connecting external monitors to your work setup. Click to display your Excel on one external screen, then edit your document report on another monitor, and participate in online video conferences on the your laptop screen, making it possible to easily perform multi-screen operations at the same time.

        Are you looking to get a new monitor? Wanna a more flexible second screen display? It's definitely worth considering a portable USBC monitor. The best portable monitors provide extra screen real estate and outstanding performance, they are enough compact to take on the go. Whether it is used for spreadsheets, word processing or video games, USBC monitor does a great job and maximize stimulate productivity anywhere anytime. The external monitor, your laptop second display, it perfectly increases the required screen space and expands your home workstation or mobile office. You only need to plug it into a laptop or even a smartphone to extend or mirror the main screen on a larger display.

        Elecife newly launched a 15.6 inch portable USB Type C monitor, which brings high-definition visual experience and takes into account a lightweight and ultra-thin body. It is one of the best portable monitor displays designed for work, entertainment and general use. The overall style looks high-end and stylish, with three-sided narrow frame design and fine workmanship. It comes with a versatile adjustable stand, which can easily adjust the viewing angle from 0 to 90 degrees and arbitrarily change the form you want to place at will. The portable monitor with a slim 0.39 inches thickness and just 1.98 pounds which is just about the weighs of a book, pack it into your work bag without any unnecessary burden, multi-monitor setup is possible even when you’re on the go.

        1.Excellent Image Quality

        Elecife USB C monitor supports a 1920 x 1080 pixel native resolution (also called 1080P), adopts FHD technology and anti-glare IPS screen, which can protect your eyes from fatigue if you often work in front of the monitor for a long time. It has a maximum brightness of 250cd/㎡, 800:1 contrast ratio, 16.7M colors, and up to 178°viewing angle, ensuring that people can watch the screen content at the same time. The vivid color image quality delivers you a truly immersive viewing experience that lets you enjoy High-Definition entertainment and gaming. It is an excellent secondary monitor for any media or gaming use.

        2.Versatile Digital Connectivity

        Adapters, cables and converters are expensive and take up valuable space. The Elecife portable USB C monitor not only built with dual C ports for connection or charging, it also integrates a mini HDMI port, USB 3.1 port, and a 3.5mm audio port, which expands more connection ports for your device. You can use it as a small docking station for expanding other devices. Besides, built-in 2 x 1W stereo speakers improve sound quality for playing videos or games, you can also use the headphone jack to play your audio. Whether it is connecting external devices, home entertainment, watching videos, or working, you can do it instantly on the Elecife monitor.

        3.Universal Compatibility

        The portable USB Type C display does not require extra drivers or any complicated process, enjoy plug-and-play convenience. With USB C and mini HDMI input, this monitor is more convenient to connect to your laptop, PC, Mac, Macbook, smartphone, XBOX, PS3/PS4/PS5, Nintendo game console, USBC tablet and other devices. It is very suitable for expanding the screen or playing games, not only can be faster, clearer, more interesting to enjoy the fun of the game, but also can easily create a multi-monitor environment to achieve diversified working methods. Ideal for business work, short trip, and family entertainment.



        An extra monitor helps you work more efficiently and stimulates more productivity anywhere anytime. Whether you are an office worker, designer, programmer, game player, student or photographer, Elecife is the most portable and most versatile USBC monitor, making your life easier and your work more efficient.


        How to Improve Your Productivity in the WFH Era

        How to Improve Your Productivity in the WFH Era

        Have you ever heard a buzzword named Work From Home? I think most of you have already experienced or are still experiencing this new working mode. So-called Work From Home, as is known to us, abbreviated as WFH, means a novel work pattern that employees are not required to work in the office, which allows them to have flexible working hours and places. Three important elements are included in WFH mode, trust, productivity and information safety. Among all, productivity must be the priority, because the majority almost can hardly keep the balance of their work and life. In other words, WFH may lead to loss of organization in work and life, especially for those who lack efficiency. So how to restore the balance between the two in the WFH era is the issue that you must concern. Here, Elecife is going to recommend THREE practical essentials to help you out of the low-efficient predicament.

        Versatile Assistant: 12-IN-1 USB-C Hub

        Usually, a great number of people only own a lightweight PC at home, instead of a desktop computer. Thus, there will be such a problem that the laptop may be lack of sufficient ports, causing you to slow down the formal workflow. However, a multiport hub can do you a big favor. Elecife 12-IN-1 USB C Hub indeed offers you as many ports as possible. Fast speed transmission and triple HD display enable you to handle the task conveniently and quickly. What’s more, if you are worried about the unstable Wi-Fi, the included Gigabit Ethernet is capable of delivering instant network for you, which makes sure that there is no Internet crash.


        Extended Helper: Portable USB-C Monitor

        For busy staff or graphic designers, they must get accustomed to working with no less than one screen. Therefore, one notebook screen at home often cannot satisfy their needs. Fortunately, an additional Portable Display comes. Equipped with 1080P IPS screen, it can provide you with bright and clear image, particularly when you have an online video conference. Besides, with the adjustable stand, the monitor is conducive to your eyes relief by adjusting to the comfortable viewing angle while a long use.

        ransfer & Storage Resource: M.2 USB-C Enclosure

        Are you annoyed at the limited memory of your laptop? What you should add is a powerful M.2 Enclosure with massive storage. Elecife exactly read your mind, and has launched this enclosure recently. It functions as a large storage space, which allows you to connect SSD to your office device via SATA port. By virtue of the acceleration protocol, this HDD enclosure is able to transfer data at an unexpected speed, up to 10Gbps, which means that it only takes a few seconds to transmit a large compressed file. In addition, it is of high safety and stability with aluminum shell, so that you can feel assured to use it without worrying about heating.


        In conclusion, there are indications that working from home is an inevitable trend of office mode, although WFH life may be a challenge, which needs more efficiency to finish your daily work. If you are in pursuit of high-efficient WFH life, try the above useful knickknacks at once. Elecife never stops providing productive gadgets for you and linking you to a better life. What’s your WFH situation at present? Share it with us below.